Yes Inc. (Youth Education Support) is a charity that supports children and young adults that engages with youth who have had their lives affected by homelessness, family stress, poverty, and family breakdown. Their aim is to engage youth with education thorough Primary/High Schools as well as Tafes to help assist youth gain employment.

As part of my diploma course, the major project for the course was a  group project to create a fully functional website for the charity for YES to use that will assist them as using the site as a marketing tool to help gain them more attraction and interest from potential new clients, volunteers and business sectors. We designed the front end aspect of the site individually before deciding on a final design we would use and we would follow that design when coding the front end of the site. We constructed a CMS (Content Management System) which was an area I heavily worked in during the project using PHP and information from the MySQL database to give the content manager of the site the ability to update areas of the site with ease. The front end of the site was coded in HTML5, W3.CCS with a Bootstrap framework to make the site responsive on different screen sizes and the Content Management System used PHP/JS and a MySQL database.


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