This website was based around a project where the task was given was to create a fictional brand and establish an identity for the brand and the brand I created was a street clothing brand called "Anchor Apparel" where the brand would combine various elements and aspects of street culture. For this project, I first had to create a concept for the brand followed by designing logos and constructing other aspects of the brand before creating the website so that the brand had some substance and identity to follow.  Before beginning the coding procedure I designed both the wireframes and digital mockups from basic sketches of the site of how I thought it would look, my objective for the site was to have a simple and clean look as well as being free-flowing throughout for better user experience.


The site was coded using basic HTML5, CSS, and JS while following a Bootstrap template to make the site responsive to various screen sizes.


This site is not published and was created for a project undertaken at Swinburne University of Technology